Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Waldo Canyon *PR*

7 Miles 54:36
10:20 am) 50's sunny
Another PR at Waldo. Last time I ran here I took 40 seconds off
my best and today took an additional 39 seconds off my best.
I'm a bit surprised I'm running so well considering my training
volume is pretty low and I'm about 7-8 pounds heavier than I
was last fall.
I'm not running much but I am hitting 3 quality workouts per
week. The other 4 days are either days off, cross training
or easy runs. Yesterday I even played some tennis for the
first time in years. Might do more of that this summer just
to do something different. I think tennis might be good for
me as it will strengthen some lateral muscles that I don't
use in running.



HappyTrails said...

Looks like you are really nailing the training Brad - that is quite a nice time for the Waldo Loop!! Have a great week!

GZ said...

I think you captured the training approach I am considering ... except you said it in one paragraph and I need to say it in 12 posts.

Knuckledragger said...

If you are like me - I look to gain 7 to 8 pounds of weight each time I eat Ice Cream.
Seriously good run on Waldo, congrats.

Sean O'Day said...

Easier easy days = higher quality hard days. I'd put money on that being the formula behind your Waldo PR's.

Brad Poppele said...

Steve and Craig,
Thanks! I am pretty happy with breaking 55 minutes for the first time on the loop. I guess I will have to shoot for some new time goals. Sub 54? Might no be that far off.
GZ, I think you can do well with this approach. You can kill your hard days and just chill on your easy days.
Sean, You are correct. Running hard every day just wears you out and results will diminish.