Thursday, April 12, 2012

Greenland Open Space

20 miles 2:20:02 7:00 average per mile
10:00 am) warm, sunny and breezy
Was not really looking forward to this run today as I woke
up and felt kind of sluggish. Also the forecast for wind was
not what I wanted to hear. These trail are not well protected
from the wind as it's very open hence the name. Run went well
considering all this. I felt pretty tired but never gave up
and ran very well. If I can run 7:00 pace on race day I will
be extremely happy. This would be a huge PR for me in the 50k
distance. My pr is 4:05:42 from last fall. If I can run 7:00
pace my time would be 3:37:42. As far as the race goes looks
like I will be racing for 4th or 5th place at best. Some
super talented runners already signed up. The past 2 winners
are signed up and they have the 2 fastest times on this course.
Justin Ricks and Peter Maskimow, not to mention my former
coach Tim W. He could end up winning this thing. He is in
super shape right now. I look forward to toeing the line
with these guys.

splits from today:



Lucho said...

You're being very generous Brad. My training is just a bunch of slow vertical, certainly no 20 mile runs at 7:00 pace! Plus a TON of biking, neither will help me in a fast 50k. I was thinking 3rd Master would be a good result :) Bill Fanselow, if he's healthy, will be your competition for the Master title. Based off your recent marathon result you should destroy your PR and top 5 is definitely doable. If you have a weakness, if I may say so, it's a lack of long runs over ~23 miles. That last lap will be the deciding lap.

Brad Poppele said...

Thanks for the nice words Tim. I do agree with you a 100% my weakness is the lack of long runs. If I can hold it together on the last lap it could be interesting. I still think you will kill it and your going to be pleasantly surprised with your result.