Sunday, April 15, 2012

Barr Trail No Name

8.6 Miles 1:23:46
50:03 to No Name slower than last week. Didn't feel very good
today. Snowed last night but snow didn't stick to the trail
just to the grassy surfaces. Above no name though the trail
did have some snow on it.


Saturday 4/14
7 Miles 49:15 7:02 average per mile
Tired on this run did not have much fun.
+3 Miles of walking and hiking. Did some of the Incline
and watched some of the crazies doing the Inclinathon.
Three people completed this yesterday. They went up the
Incline 13 times and down 13 times. I am totally impressed
by this as I know how hard it is just to do it once.

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