Sunday, August 9, 2015

Barr Trail

11.5 mile 1:57:00
8:45 am) sunny warm
First time running Barr trail in probably 2 years! It was very busy today.
Lots of traffic from the incline nation. This is the big reason I avoid Barr
trail. I'm not a fan. Went up to no name creek then I hit the trail just to
the left. Not sure the name of it. It's a old service road for the utility
company. I took this till the pipeline bridge. Going back down Barr was
a nightmare. Tons of hikers to get around.
It's now time to turn my focus to road running again. Im doing MDI in
October. That's Mount Desert Island in Maine. This will be my last
marathon for 2015. I have already had a busy year. I have run 2 marathons,
1 50k and 2 50 milers. Not bad for a old guy:)

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