Sunday, January 3, 2016

Rampart Range Road & weekly recap

15 miles 2:17:43
Easy to moderate effort run today. Just getting the miles in. This was my biggest mileage
week in quite a while. I ran 6 days this week and biked 1 day.
Monday 10.6 miles Section 16
Tuesday Bike 30 minutes
Wednesday 3.6 miles Red Mountain
Thursday  6.2 miles Ute Valley
Friday 5.7 miles roads around the neighborhood
Saturday 7 miles Intemann trail and Iron Mountain
48 miles for the week. Great week for me. I definitely did some miles this week compared
to past few months. Time to get after it. Leadville 100 demands my full respect.

This morning I ate Teff porridge, piece of toast, smoothie and coffee with coconut oil.
I think I ate and drank a bit much:) Plenty of fuel for the run!
Teff porridge is a tiny grain from Ethiopia. I do half a cup of it to a cup of water.
It's not overly flavored but just a nice almost nutty flavor. I add cinnamon to it along with
a banana and walnuts.

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