Saturday, January 2, 2016

Gone Vegan!

I changed the name of my blog to reflect my passion for my lifestyle of being
a vegan runner. I became vegetarian back in June. I was happy to be vegetarian
rather than vegan as I still could eat cheese. My views changed a few months
down the road as I realized eating cheese and dairy was just as bad as eating
meat. Do it all the way or nothing I figured. So no animal meat or by
products for me. Yes this is very challenging and especially when going out
to eat. But so worth it for me. I feel like a weight has been lifted off me.
I feel one is not really a true animal lover until one totally gives up meat.
My compassion for animals is like it has never been. I don't just love the
family pets anymore but all of God's creations. It's a new year and I highly
recommend anyone reading this to consider reducing or giving up eating
meat and dairy.
A little history on how I have come to this point. I was a meat eater all my
life. I read a book by Scott Jurek and it all changed for me. Scott
is the most prolific Vegan runner out there; winner of 7 Western States 100
mile trail races. As I read his book Eat & Run, I started to think of my own
eating lifestyle. I started to rethink it more and more as I read this book.
By the time I finished the book I was sold. I was ready to try vegetarian.
Meanwhile Bethany, my partner, was also reading the book and was on
board. We did it cold turkey no more meat. We have had so much fun on this
new journey. Food is much more fun! We try so many new things. I honestly
have not missed meat at all. So fast forward a few months down the road.
We watched a documentary on Netflix called Cowspiracy. This was the next
big life changer for us. We watched it and we knew we had to go vegan.
By not eating meat, we are improving our health, making a difference for
the environment, but the most important thing is, we are saving animals.

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The Padre said...

Well Trip Out On That…. Look Forward To Follow Along….. Cheers