Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fox River Trail

6 Miles 40:45 6:47 average
151 HR average
5:15 pm) sunny upper 50's NICE!!!
Great weather today can't believe it's almost November already.
I felt good tonight ran faster than I should have. I am recovering
very good from the race. I will be ready to up the mileage starting
I'm going to re-join the health club this weekend so I have
the option of treadmill running on the colder days or when I need
a day of the roads. I also plan on using some of the weight
equipment. Not too much upper body stuff more of the core, leg
and hip exercises.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boadview YMCA

5 Miles 40:00 8:00 average
6:00 pm) upper 40's
Ran with the Green Bay running club group.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

West De Pere

4 Miles 28:28 7:07 average
5:15 pm) 40's sunny
Felt surprisingly good. I'm not really that sore from the 50k.
I'm glad because I need to recover quick due to my next race
is December 6th Memphis marathon. I will take it easy this week
and try to build mileage for a couple of weeks then taper and
be ready.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

North Face Endurance Challenge 50k

North Face Endurance Challenge 50k
Kettle Moraine State Park & Ice Age Trail
October 25, 2008
31 Miles 4:10:34 8:02 average
1st Overall out of 118
8:00 am) mid 40's cloudy
Wow is all I can say. I never would have thought I would actually win.
I really had only one goal and that was to finish being my first run of
this distance.
We started at 8:00 am and started at a easy pace. I ran with a couple
of my friends and we passed a few runners and got into a groove.
The early miles were tough lots of muddy sections from all the rain
we had the previous day and early in the morning. So it was a lot of
dodging trying not to get shoes to wet and dirty in the early stages
of the race. After a few miles it was just 4 of us running in a group
my friends and one other guy. I new there was still some runners in
front of us but I didn't know how many.
Eventually we caught up to a group of runners that was in front of
us and now we had a pack of 8-10 runners in our group. This was
probably around mile 13 or so not sure. I heard some of the runners
saying we are in the lead group other than one runner that was
ahead. I was kind of shocked that we were doing that well. I was
thinking to myself just stay with this group and use the energy from
We came up to a aid station and that was when our group split up
some people would stop and drink and eat others would just keep
going or only stop briefly. I was usually one of the faster ones out
of the aid stations. At each aid station we had to call out our bib #'s
so they could record them. After this aid station it was just myself
and 2 other runners. I was behind the other 2. It was a single lane
path at this point so it was hard to pass and I liked having them
around to keep my pace in check. The guy in front of me dropped
his bottle so he stepped out of my way and he never caught back
up to me. So I was running with just the other guy at this point.
At the next aid station the two of us were still together we both
stopped for a drink and we started back up together. This time I
was ahead of him and I was feeling good and before I new it I had
a nice lead over him. So I figured I was on my own from this point
on no looking back. At this point I would say we were at mile 17 or
so. I got to mile 21&22 and there was some huge hills I decided to
power walk them to save energy. I thought to myself I hope they
don't all catch me now. But I'm sure everybody was walking these
hills they were steep. I could feel some pain in my IT band but it
was not slowing me down I just hoped it would hold up till the
finish it did.
The last aid station was around mile 28 and I stopped and got
some Pepsi and M&M's I needed sugar my energy level was getting
low. This really helped and I finished strong. When I crossed the line
the announcer said I was the first 50k runner. I was not sure of that
because I new there was that one runner out in front early in the
race. I learned later that he was disqualified.
We stuck around for the award ceremonies and my friend Mike
took 3rd overall so we were both super happy with our races. In the
picture above he is on the left and I'm on the right.
The course was challenging it had lots of different elements you had
hills, rocks, mud, open fields sandy sections and more. This was a
good course not as hard as some ultra marathons out there but
definitely not easy. I plan on doing more of these in the future for
sure. Maybe even a 50 miler next year.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fox River Trail

6 Miles 45:16 7:33 average
140 HR average
5:15 pm) 40's cold

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

West De Pere

11 Miles 1:14:07 6:44 average
152 HR average
5:00 pm) cool upper 40's sunny
Did not plan on running at any certain pace but after the first mile
decided to push the pace. I will make this my last hard work out
for the week. I will go short and easy tomorrow and Thursday.
Take Friday off and race on Saturday.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fox River Trail

7 Miles 48:26 6:55 average
150 HR average
11:30 am) 50's & Windy
45 Miles for the week.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fox River Trail

13.1 Miles 1:30:01 6:52 average
152 average HR
6:30 am) low 40's cold
Ran a little bit faster than planned but it felt good. HR is still
running a bit high especially when I am not pushing the pace
when I pick up the pace HR doesn't go up that much so that's good.
I think my cold is almost gone. One week till the 50k race. I am
looking forward to it.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fox River Trail

10 Miles 1:09:55 6:59 average
145 average HR
5:10 pm) 50's Sunny
Feeling much better. HR was not running as high as it has been
lately. I feel like I loss some of my fitness in the last 2 weeks hope
I get it back soon.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

UWGB Trail

10 Miles 1:12:00
5:15 pm) cool 50's
Forgot my watch. I don't do that very often. I went by Mike's time.
Ran 2 loops. First one was with just myself and Mike. The second
loop we met up with the 6:00 group. Small group tonight. When we
finished it was already dark out. It was getting hard to see where
you were going. I felt pretty good I still have a cold or something
but it seems to be getting better.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fox River Trail

5 Miles 35:15 7:03 average
151 HR average
5:00 pm) 70's warm
Still not feeling good. I think it's just a cold but it's making it hard
to train. Tonight HR was higher than normal plus I'm sore not sure
why it feels like I ran a marathon. Might take tomorrow off and try
to get better.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

UWGB Trail

19 Miles 2:30:27 8:00 average
148 average HR
6:30 am) 50's Sunny
Felt okay for the most part but HR was running higher
than 2 weeks on this same run and pace was 30 seconds
a mile slower. I should have only run 3 loops and not the
4th loop. I really slowed down on the 4th loop. No energy
left. Amazing that when you are sick your HR runs
so much higher even at a slower pace. Hope I get over this
soon. Good news though my heel feels fine.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rest Day

0 Miles again.
I am feeling very run down no energy. So I didn't run. No sense
in running when I feel like this it will just make it worse. I am
taking tomorrow off as well and will try to run 20 on Saturday.
The good thing is this rest will help with my heel. It has been a
challenging week first the heel problem now I feel like I got a bug.
Hope next week goes better I have a race in 2 weeks.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fox River Trail

4 Miles 25:05 6:16 avg.
158 avg. HR
5:00 pm) sunny nice
Ran hard from the start. I tried to run on my toes more and
not heel strike to avoid the contact. The good news is my
heel is better. It still hurts some but much better than 24 hours
ago. I will test it tomorrow at UWGB trail and hopefully that goes
good so I will still be able to run long on Saturday at UWGB.

Tonight I went to the running club meeting. We had a guest speaker
it was on nutrition. A topic I need lots of improvement. I learned a
few things and basically I need to due a 180 on the way I eat. I eat
like a non athlete. I know it will help my running it's just a matter of
getting serious about it and taking the time to prepare the foods
rather than eating fast foods or frozen foods all the time. I have
started to eat a little bit better but I am far from where I should be.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day off

O miles
Unscheduled day off. My heel hurts more today than yesterday.
I'm starting to wonder if it's not Plantar Fascitis? Standing on it
today at work was even painful and when I would walk I was
trying not to put pressure on it. I might not run tomorrow either.
I'm going to wait and see. I want it to heal and running on it will
not help. I have never had Plantar Fascitis so I don't know for sure
if that's what this is or it could just be bruised. Either way it hurts.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fox River Trail

7 Miles 47:24 6:46 avg.
148 avg. HR
5:00 pm) 50's
Felt tired at the start but by mile 4 I was feeling good.
My throat was sore today so I'm not sure if I'm coming
down with something. I hope not. Right heel still sore.
Tried to run more on my toes tonight to avoid the impact.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fox River Trail

5 Miles 36:21 7:16 avg.
143 avg. HR
11:45 am) upper 50's Sunny
Felt surprisingly good. Not sore from yesterday's long run.
The only thing that hurts is my right heel it feels as if I bruised it.
Couple of milestones for me this week.
1. 70 mile week first time.
2. 25 Mile training run my longest.
I am feeling better every week and I should be ready to go
for the 50k run. Looking forward to it.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kettle Moraine State Park Eagle Wisconsin

25 Miles 3:18:00 7:55 avg.
145 avg. HR
7:45 am) cold at the start upper 30's
warmed up in low 50's by the finish.
Interesting run today. Started out normal enough.
First 6 miles were pretty easy kind of out in the open
not much for hills and lots of tall grass with a single
lane trail going through. That was the Yellow trail then
it ended and we picked up the Orange trail it had more
hills and after a couple miles it turned from packed dirt
to loose sand. The sand was like at the beach very deep
and soft. It was very hard to run in it. I tried to run
up on the shoulder when posible to avoid it. This sand
took a lot of the energy out of me and made for a long
day. We ran the orange trail till about mile 12 and had to
make a decision do we keep going and hope to find another
trail that would take us back to the car or just turn around
and run the 12 miles back. We decided not to risk it and
turned around. Well this would have been a good plan if we didn't
make a wrong turn some where along the line. We ended up running
in circles. We could not find the Yellow trail that would take
us back. Eventually we saw a highway it was highway 67. Well
we parked on highway 67 so we new we could follow that back
to the car. The only thing we didn't know how far it was back to
the car. At this point we had 21 miles in. We ran along the
highway till we hit mile 25. Luckily at mile 25 it happened to
be right in the town of Eagle. There was a gas station so we stoped
and asked how much further. They said about 2 more miles. We
decided we did not want to run anymore so we were going to walk the
rest. As we walked out of the gas station a lady was filling up her car
and said didn't I see you guys on the trail earlier. We got to
talking and told her we ran 25 miles and asked if she could
give us a lift to our car. She agreed she would do it even
though she was not heading in that direction. Well it turned
out to be 3 or 4 miles back. Thank goodness she gave us a ride.
So needless to say it was an interesting run. My body is very sore
and tired. Hope I recover quick.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

UWGB Trail

10 Miles 1:17:28
137 average HR
Loop 1) 4.75 miles 36:37 7:41 avg. 136 HR
Loop 2) 4.75 miles 37:13 7:48 avg. 138 HR
.5 mile 4:38
Took it easy tonight. I did not feel real good.
Kind of sluggish. I'm going to take tomorrow off
so I will be fresh for Saturday's long run (23-25)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Howard Y

11 Miles 1:15:17 6:50 avg.
5:30 pm) 3 miles
6:00 pm) 8 miles
mid 50's cloudy cool
Ran 3 miles by myself then joined the running group
at 6:00 for 8 miles. I thought we would run around
7:30 pace especially after the first mile of 7:45.
As we went on each mile got faster. By the last mile
it was basically all out 5:57. Run felt good but I'm
tired. Have not pushed that hard in some time. No HR
info tonight. Probably a good thing. I think I maxed
out the last mile. I will take it easy tomorrow.